Langtang Gosainkund trek – from the valley of yaks to the alpine lake of Shiva

Frequently appearing views of majestic peaks, breath-taking blue lakes, fatiguing-yet-adventurous walk through forests, sporadic but harmless encounters with rare fauna, hospitable mongoloid rustics with beaming faces, shrines with a rare blend of Buddhism and Hinduism, an opportunity to aliment oneself with exotic Tibetan dishes and drinks – are not sufficient to describe the grandeur of this trek. In this era when everything is changing at a good clip, these places still not “affected greatly” by the modernization should be visited soon before they are engulfed by the wave of globalization. The trek is most suitable: if you love mountains, are enthusiast in excursions, want to uplift your spiritual mood, have some familiarity of Buddhist or Hindu deities, are passionate about Himalayan flora and fauna and dare to walk for 7 hours and ascend up to 5000 ft. in a day!

The major highlights of this trek are:

  • Passing through major portion of the first Himalayan national park of the country – the Langtang National Park and also some portion of Shivapuri National Park leading through the spectacular forests of Oak, pine, alder, bamboo and rhododendron and frequent sights of species like Langur, Himalayan partridge, Himalayan hawks, babblers, laughing-thrush, ravens or even endangered animals like red panda(if lucky!).
  • An opportunity to observe the lifestyle of Highlanders dwelling at the heights above 13000 ft.
  • Lodges and tea-shops available in short intervals throughout the route that not only offer a short break for relaxing but can also be availed of in case you need to make some changes in your itinerary, due to unforeseen causes.
  • The panoramic views of “snow-white” mountains including LangtangLirung (23766 ft.) and DorjeLhakpa (22850 ft.), Ganesh Himal (23353 ft.) and Himalayan lakes including
  • Goshaikunda, Nagkunda, Vairabhkunda etc.; views that offer a respite to turn your attention away from the exhaustion.
  • Both Hindu and Buddhist Shrines (temple/monastery/lakes) carrying centuries-old legends, numerous Tsortens(stupas) and water driven Manis (prayer-wheels) along the way, surely attracting the ones interested in spirituality.
  • Herds of yaks and horses, close at hand as you walk, making jingles with the bell wrapped over their neck as they move along.
  • Glacial moraines and hills that may be excursed within a day (from Kyanjing Gompa or Goshaikunda), offering magnificent and close views of the mountain summits in all 3 directions and also a view of (once-forbidden!) autonomous region to the north.
  • A chance to savoir locally manufactured yak cheese, yak milk and yoghurt, sea-buck thorn juice, Tibetan bread and pancake, momo (dumpling), Chyang (Tibetan beer) , Mustang coffee (local alcohol + coffee) and other Tibetan or Tamang delicacies.
  • Hospitable, candid and smiling inn-keepers, most comprehending elementary English, making sure you are well-accommodated and “at home”.

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