Kathmandu valley tour – journey to the living museum

Kathmandu – the administrative capital of Nepal – is synonymous with medieval temples, outlandish festivals, apposite climate, exquisite views of mountain peaks shielded by bluish-green hills and notable cultural maintenance. The valley deriving its name from the capital comprises of other two ancient districts- Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. The place being major business center of the country seats the only international airport, major hospitals, banks, markets, service centers and luxury hotels with finest suites. The place stands out for being an inseparable concoction of primordial culture and modern fashion, lavish apartments and skid rows, both Hindu and Buddhist adherents, asphalted roads and terraced farms etc. The tour package includes sight-seeing of UNESCO heritages, pleasure trip to hills and cultural visit to the temples, stupas and monasteries.

Major highlights of this package are:

  • Exploration of the archaic monuments and buildings that exhibit centuries old architecture and culture and a glimpse of the realms back then.
  • Gastronomies with exotic taste: Newari cuisine ranging from spicy to sweetened dishes, Tibetan delicacies and Indo-Nepalese cookeries from the South.
  • Laid-back hike to the hills in the vicinity for superb views of mountains and sunrise.
  • Residential buildings and attire still preserving the centuries-old tradition.
  • Visit to the ancient and internationally acclaimed temples and monasteries.
  • Comfy rooms and lavish food from across the continent at reasonably affordable rates.
  • If lucky, a chance to observe one of the several jatras (atypical festivals) of Newari community, most including the bizarre masked-dance, celebrated at different times of the year in specific localities.

There are two options of the Kathmandu valley tour:

  • 4-days  pilgrimage – observing the heritage! (comprehensive itinerary)  - Especially intended for the Hindu tourists who wish to embark on a religious venture along with the sightseeing. Includes visit to the major Hindu shrines of Kathmandu valley and also to the ancient heritages plus a Buddhist stupa.  However, non-Hindus may also participate to observe the characteristic rituals and medieval architecture of the temples.

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